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When we talk about “good food”, wine and extra virgin olive oil are considered the symbols of our country’s food tradition, provided they are really Italian, therefore produced respectively from grapes and olives exclusively made in Italy.

The extra virgin olive oil, unlike the other oils that are obtained from the seeds, is the only one that is obtained from the fruit of the plant.

The De Caro Farm also boasts an excellent olive-growing, worthily represented by the extra virgin Valdesia, obtained from Carole olives, hand-picked and ground with the traditional cold pressing, which preserves the organoleptic properties of the fruit, in the farm’s mill.

An oil with an intense and balanced character, pleasant for the sensations it offers and ideal for all the dishes of the Mediterranean diet. Like the wines, the oil is a valuable product with a strong territorial connotation, a genuine expression of the land from which it comes.

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