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The De Caro Winery, specialized in the production of wines for generations, today boasts a prominent place in the Calabrian wine-growing and wine-producing scene, proposing itself as a constantly expanding reality. It boasts more than a decade of active experience in the production of modern and captivating wines. It began in the nineties as a desire to redeem a millenary tradition on the modern oenological panorama.

Born in the early 90s, and since then the company’s mission has been aimed at constant technological and qualitative growth; quality is an objective that is achieved through constant commitment and continuous verification of production protocols and the results obtained. The company structure is also extremely attentive to aesthetic details, in order to communicate to visitors the attention to detail and to offer the maximum in customer reception.

The main body consists of a large and elegant central hall, conversation room with fireplace, on the left of the hall there is the cellar, and the bottling room, on the right of the hall the oil mill and the storage of bottled wines. In the wine storage room, the bottles find the perfect environment for maturing. It is an insulated and refrigerated area, in order to have a constant temperature both in winter and in summer, avoiding the wine temperature changes.

Technologically avant-garde, but always attentive to tradition, the De Caro Company offers a wide variety of high quality wines, all the result of the deep knowledge of those who cultivate their land with passion.

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The farm is situated in the hills of San Vincenzo La Costa, a small medieval village, in the hinterland of Cosenza, of Waldensian origin, on the slopes of the Tyrrhenian Coastal Chain and in the heart of the Mountain Community of the Crati Valley. In this landscape of rare beauty, where past and present coexist in a harmonious way, where the climate is the ideal conformation of the soil allow to obtain important vineyards.

The company produces its products by carefully selecting its own grapes and offering wines of fascinating and intriguing personality. It extends over 44 hectares in three estates with very distinct characteristics. The first estate, in the immediate vicinity of the winery, is located in San Vincenzo La Costa, with 5 hectares of land cultivated mainly with the main Calabrian red grape variety, the “Magliocco”, and a good part characterized by olive groves. It is located at an altitude of 450 m. The San Benedetto Ullano estate extends for about 13 hectares at an altitude of over 500 m, cultivated with “Magliocco” and the exceptional white “Mantonico”. Finally, the estate of Regina, characterized by the presence of vineyards and orchards (Kiwi) and on which is located the oil mill for the pressing of olives.

Pleasantly, the Company exports its products to various parts of the world, Europe, Asia and America, as an ambassador of local excellence. Weaving fruitful relationships between different cultures in search of products with character and expression.

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