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Our vineyards cover an extension of about 32 Ha out of a total of 100, thus leaving the company ample room for expansion in relation to market needs.

The first vineyards were planted 25 years ago when Francesco De Caro began to work in vineyards and agriculture out of pure passion, almost to relax from the hard work of the building industry, but soon the passion became a business.

The oldest part of the vineyards is located around the winery, in the picturesque village of San Vincenzo La Costa, in the province of Cosenza, autochthonous vines, old vineyard, destined for reserves, white and red wines of great structure and elegance.

Most of the vineyards are in the countryside of San Benedetto Ullano, gentle hills, interspersed with groves of larch and oak, cherry and fig trees, an almost Tuscan landscape, grapes exposed to all cardinal points, south and east for powerful reds, north and west for whites and grapes for fragrant rose wines.

The native Magliocco, Moscato, Malvasia, Greco bianco and Greco rosso are flanked by Merlot and Cabernet.

Last to be planted, very high up, where the temperature range is greater, is the new vineyard of Souvignon Blanche, near the tiny village of Regina, suggestively clinging to the rocky spur on which it stands.

The planting sixes are 2.3 m by 80 cm on the row, giving more than 5000 plants per hectare, for productions of 1.5 kg per plant, very low yields to obtain the highest quality.


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